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 Founder and owner Frank Rakes spent most of his young adult life building fences. After many years of learning the ins and outs and honing his skills, he discovered that it was a completely achievable goal to deliver higher quality fences for lower prices. 

Frank knew that if a company ordered their materials in bulk and wholesale, and built each fence from the ground up, he could offer products that look amazing, hold up for the long-term in all seasons, and at a significantly lower cost to the customer.

With these goals in mind, Frank started his own fence company in 2007.

Frank's Fences purchases fencing materials in bulk and down to the sticks, and they save a lot doing so. While this might become a nice chunk of profit for some companies, we are happy to pass these savings along to our customers-- this usually ends up making our prices half that of our larger competitors!

With a home base in Livonia, Frank's Fences serves most of southeastern Michigan, concentrating in Detroit and the Detroit metro area. It's no coincidence that that's where our hometown pride is strongest! We believe in giving our customers great fences at fair prices, because they are our neighbors in our communities. We use some of the finest wood, aluminum, and vinyl products on the market-- we don't believe in skimping on materials! 

Frank himself personally builds every fence and is involved in each installation, because he believes in only selling a product he knows he can stand behind. We take our product, our customer service, and our customers' smiling faces very seriously-- and personally!

We take pride in our work and want your satisfaction to be the best it can be. We build all kinds of fences: wood, vinyl, aluminum, composite, or chain-link. We can make any kind of fence, from the most standard basics to elaborate designs with inlays and custom features. 

Call us today for your free estimate so we can get started with the design process for the fence you need!

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